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Community Based Sex Advice
SexExpert is an open forum for you to ask sexual questions or share what you know. Share true stories, sex facts, compare notes, ask questions and learn. This forum is open to all genders and sexual preferences. We are sex-positive and sex-powerful! Enjoy it.


If you have a question that you would like to post anonymously, feel free to e-mail it to Joshua, the community's maintainer.


Spam, pyramid schemes, excessively x-posted material, quiz results, and promotions for off-topic communities will be deleted on sight. Please keep all posts on the topic of sexual Q/A. Links to sites that provide sexual information or discussion about sexuality are welcome. If your personal blog is focused on discussing some aspect of sexuality, feel free to promote it here. Promote your blog, not every post you make.

As this is an adult themed and not an adult content group, please do not embed explicit pictures or videos, there are plenty of other places to share. Please keep linking to explicit sites to a minimum due to LJ's adult content policy.


Some Useful Links:

Please be aware that many of these links are not safe for work usage.

Sex Information/Education:
SF Sex Information

Teen Oriented Education Sites:
Scarlet Teen
Coalition for Positive Sexuality

Birth Control/Emergency Contraception:

Sexual Health:

Ducky Doolittle

Erection Photos: An answer to "Am I Normal?" for boys
Daze Reader (discussions of sexual variation)
Libida: Online information & toys for women
Toys In Babeland
Good Vibrations

General Resources
Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia
Google, never underestimate the power of a good search engine

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